Evaluating Sources (ES): Self Evaluation


(ES) Evaluating Sources
The camera’s usage had many effects on the Civil War. Within Eric Niiler’s NBC article; “How Civil War Photography Changed War” written on April 11th, 2011, the author discussed many of the camera’s new uses during the civil war. One of the camera’s uses was that the camera allowed people to see what was going on during the war. Because of the camera, “Intense images of battlefield horrors were presented to the public for the first time at exhibits in New York and Washington, many later reproduced by engravings in newspapers and magazines of the time.” This was a major action on the public. People who previously had not seen a war were finally introduced to the graphic images that war produces, proving to everyone that war comes with a horrible price. Another use of the camera was that it enhanced political images. Photography “enhanced the image of political figures like President Lincoln, who famously joked that he wouldn’t have been re-elected without the portrait of him taken by photographer Matthew Brady.” Since Lincoln was the president during the civil war up until the point that his term was almost up (unless re-elected), it was important that he stayed in office since he was really qualified to continue handling this war, and as history has proven, it was a good thing that he got re-elected. Since Matthew Brady’s photo of Lincoln was a major part of keeping Lincoln in office, his usage of the camera really helped shape how the civil war would end up. All of these facts are accurate, for the author is credible. Knowing that this was written in 2011, it is clearly a secondary source. With this article being written for NBC, we know that the author is most likely a writer for the company, and since NBC is a credible accurate news source, this author must be a writer for NBC, therefore making him credible. In the end, the camera had many impacts on the Civil War. This wouldn’t be the end of the camera’s impacts on life though, as the pictures of the Vietnam War would change public perception.

Create an Argument with Justification (CAJ): Self Evaluation


(CAJ) Exemplars
The invention that will best fit the theme of American Innovation is the cotton gin. Though the inventions such as the railroad and steamboat are important, due to how they improved the American economy and American travel, the cotton gin helped create one of the most important events in American history. Eli Whitney, created the patent for the cotton gin in 1794. His goal was to relieve cotton pickers of the labor of getting cotton fibers. Though unforeseen by Whitney himself, the cotton gin instead increased the amount of labor needed in plantations in the South. This meant more slaves being taken in by plantation owners, which in turn, caused more turmoil between the North and South with the issue of slavery. These issues led to compromises, which then led to the election of 1860, which eventually led to the beginning of the American Civil War, where 11 Southern states seceded in order to keep their slaves and “way of life”. The cotton gin was a major part of this. Without the cotton gin, slavery in the South could’ve been eradicated like it was in the Northern states over time, but because of this invention, it required more slaves to run these machines in the fields which yielded more profits more plantation owners. This in turn, makes the cotton gin the most important American invention, due to its inadvertent help in causing the Civil War.
The most impactful reform from the Progressive Era is the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Although the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 allowed for safer meat production, and the Preservation of American Antiquities Act prevented the vandalism of national parks, the Women’s Suffrage Movement was more important due to it finally giving women the right to vote and ensured that future generations would be treated fairly. According to Senator Robert Owen, Speech, 1910 “working women receive a smaller wage for equal work than men do and that the smaller wage and harder conditions imposed on the woman worker are due to the lack of the ballot.” These conditions were what women faced on a day to day basis before the Women’s Suffrage Movement started. Also, said in Robert Owen’s Speech, “One great advantage, however, of the suffrage is in raising women to a position of greater honor and dignity so that the children of the land shall show and feel greater reverence and honor for their mothers, and that the mothers may teach the elementary principles of good government while they are teaching them good manners, morality and religion.” Robert Owen is stating that if women received equal rights in government, they could pass down virtuous lessons that could teach democratic ideals for the generations to come. Thanks to the movement, a major portion of the population that were once held back finally got what they deserved in a democratic country, the right to vote and equal representation in government.

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